Draco Ortus

From Ancient Sumer, Egypt, Babylon, Persia, India, Greece, Rome, and the world societies beyond, the Hidden Mysteries of the Black Veil are explored, exposed, and expounded upon to intrigue, tantalize, and empower the humans to face and by the Grace of Holy Light defeat the Vampire grip that is thrust upon mankind.

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As Holy Paladins of old train generations of human slayers to hunt and destroy, to seek out and slay the evil brute beasts of the vampire empire, the old and ancient Vampire Pures cultures release their armies of Hunter Vampires to wreak havoc and hell upon the unsuspecting game prey of humanity. As humans are turned into Mitutu, Hollow Living Dead, by Vampire Masters to do their wicked bidding upon human society and turn droves of humans into killing pawns of death. The Paladins and their Faithful Dutiful Slayers, Marshals of Light, counter and hope to rescue the Earth.

Ancient Vampire Monarchs plot the recapture of humanity while the defenders of Light maneuver to stop them....

Enter beyond the Veil and take your place in the ancient war for human souls and powerful control.

Justina Berryman

A Justin Bieber Spoof of Surreal Twists and Turns

Another Original Myelin Productions Series. The Awesome Comedy! 

Justina Berryman - SuperSonicSexy Rock Star Justina B.

The ROCK News Rockumentary about Justina Berryman and her campaign to save the world from the alien invader Justin Bieber and his fellow invaders the Kardashians, Beyoncé, Paris Hilton, Perez Hilton, and others. Justina B. as she is known, is on a global mission to save the world and all humanity from these invaders and free the minds of millions with her wisdom, insight, and secret truths.

Follow Justina B as she takes us inside a "real SuperSonicSexy Rock Star" world of intrigue, mystery, discovery, and awesomeness.

Justin B is the 'real mind force' behind the 'Bieber Fad' that must be stopped, says Justina B and her ‘Berrysexys’, yes ‘Berrysexys’! Justina B. will expand your mind and your sense of wonderment. Join Justina B on her quest!

Justina goes on mystery quest with her faithful Army of 'Berrysexies' to find alien invaders and vanquish them from Earth!  Justina Berryman  Justina's wacky and zany side kick and secretary/documentarian  'Penelope'

Eye of Noor

Modern Revenge. Clash of Noble Crowns for the Freedom of Souls. Horrid Darkness Broken by Pure Light. Serpent Vampire Fury shattered by Holy Honor! The war rages!

The Ancient Battle Continues for the Future of Humanity! Follow the Noble Thrones as they engage for eternity

MYELIN Productions

Presents a REAL VAMPIRE & PALADIN Story EONS in the making. From Ancient Sumer, Egypt, and Babylon to the modern campuses. The Truth is now told - Blood for Blood as Angels & demons battle for souls with their Armies of Holy Paladins and evil vampires! Humans need one more HERO and she's ready!!!

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