Here are a few of the our projects that are in pre-production. Cast building & training in the work.

Replicant Terminus

The 'Blade Runner-esque' future science fiction story of Androids, or 'Humanic Machines' also commonly known as Replicants, being merged into human mainstream society.

The conflict emerges when 'rebel' or 'menacing' Replicants and human criminals unite to create a criminal industry to pervert and corrupt the delicate and precarious balance of Real and Synthetic society. Humanity has created an uneasy and often strained and stressful 'merged society' and mixed culture. 

Set in a bleak and depressed future society where things are either very clean and upscale or very decayed and rotten. The perpetual conflict between 'hard fact real' and 'perceptional' is challenged.

The additional 'new reality of what is a sentient being' adds to the drama and action as the 'new level' of replicated beings, or "Replicants" cannot distinguish if they are in fact machines or people. More Human than Human is the Motto of DOLUM CORPORATION, the creators of the new level Replicant. The intrigue and mystery deepens as the 'Blade Runners' must terminate the nascent enterprise of man and machine. 



A History Action Drama about the 6th century AD Eastern Roman Empire and the bloody Nika riots that changed the world. It started a vast war and sealed the fate of an empire and an emperor.

The wicked and perverted Empress Theodora plots and schemes for power by every cruel endeavor she has learned from her start in circus brothels to her reign as a vicious cold master murderess. Emperor Justinian I must maintain the balance of Empire, imperial wars, church unrest, foreign invaders, and the crazed Theodora.


Aura Realms

A science fiction adventure about colliding worlds, parallel universes, and honor.

As cosmic worlds clash and explode the lives of ancient political houses also clash and swirl in turmoil as the rightful heirs of thrones battle for justice and revenge. Noble cosmic families encounter other world common families and the displaced find common strong ground and moral strength in unified truth to right wrongs and restore true order.


Hinter Land

An alternate ending theory concerning World War 2, Nazi’s, and Communism

The final conflict of mankind is about to emerge as the 2 ruling factions of Earth rise to decide an ultimate ruler of Earth and all humanity, NAZIs or Communist. While in the hinterland of the geography bands of resistance fighters, hostile to both evil empires also prepare to engage the enemies of truth and justice, the 2 ruling politico powers. They train and arm and equip while carrying out hit and run wars to destabilize the ruling regional powers and unite for a free and long forgotten democratic government. Hinterland has 2 different distinct meanings, both are applied here: the often uncharted areas beyond a coastal district or a river's banks. and: an area lying beyond what is visible or known.



A modern zombie film about the rebuilding of civilization from a small team's perspective.

After the world is engulfed in 'hell fire', as the survivors call the 'last big final' war, new creators emerge. The new creators are at first not understood or believed by the 'normal' survivors who only find the horrid remains of those who fall prey to these new 'scavenger predators' as they are thought to be some animals, until they show up in force to claim the humans as their prey. The fight for survival of the human species just started. Humans must unite, train, and fight for the right to exist against the 'inadvertent' creation of hatred.  

Piras is Greek for pyre, a noun meaning a heap of combustible material, esp. one for burning a corpse as part of a funeral ceremony. Who will be the Piras? Will humanity rise from the ashes of the Piras to reclaim the earth? 


Cross Top

A Psycho-drama about choices, fate, and reality.

The examination of “what if's” and "but for's" that haunt people in our daily lives of chance and choice. The eternal struggle for balance. Set is 'backward' views, we start with 'the incident' and go back, in stages, to see how the incident occurred and what may have been done to alter the present reality. The course of actions, or in-actions, that may have changed the outcome, for better or worse, as it is all perspectives.  Seen from the point of view of a small cast, each stuck in a moment of time. All converging on the incident. On the side of the highway next to the gas station store at the cross roads, known as Cross Top



The realm of Vanquishers, or Paladins, assigned to Terra or known by its inhabitants as Earth, to watch over an almost forgotten outpost of the Great Celestial War. The Paladins have long awaited action that seems to allude them for centuries, that is until the discovery. The Celestial War is about to reemerge with ancient fury on Terra. The Vanquishers will once again be in the thick of the celestial conflict. But will Earth remain.  

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