Greetings and Salutations from Myelin Productions - Independent Film Company

Myelin Productions hereby Thanks you for your interest and query into Myelin Productions.

We are an independent film company that explores the edge, the Avant grade, of alternative film making. This includes the genres of Historical, Action, Drama, Horror Action, and Science Fiction or Sci-Fi

We do not, have not, or ever will engaged in or have any part of any form or type of questionable, erotic, or so called adult entertainment. Unfortunately we have been approached by several independent film actors, producers, writers, and fantasy roll play groups to engage in such activities.  Additionally we have been approached to take part in such things as extreme 'fantasy', 'dark', and 'nefarious' subculture horror and terror films. These are things we will never take part in.

This has unfortunately led to serious and extreme retaliation and have encouraged vicious rumors, lies, and gossip blogs full of bizarre and twisted tales. These tales are full of serious accusations from several of individuals. We will not engage in their ill and libelous or slanderous actions or anti-social and anti-civil conduct and behaviors. 

Myelin Productions is a global artistic film group and team. We are dedicated to bringing stories and adventures to life. 

We appreciate all the fans and supporters we have around the world in many areas of art and entertainment.

If you have any questions, issues, or concerns, of any type, please feel free to contact Myelin Productions.


Thank You and Blessings, 

The Myelin Team.


Myelin Productions is not immune to cyber bullying and cyber sabotage. We invite you to read our replies below concerning some of the trash that has been thrown our way.

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